access consulting

Initial Design

With a Cert IV in Access Consulting from the Institute of Access Training Australia, Geoff Alexander is specialised in designing accessible spaces for both commercial and residential properties.

Accessibility in design is more than just designing for people in a wheelchair.

“Good Access is Good Business” is a program run through many local government authorities. It highlights that ensuring all people can access your business assists in business growth.

What is accessible property?

An accessible property may assist many groups within the community – not just those that are traditionally considered to have a disability. For example: Parents with prams or parents with young children, people with shopping carts, people using mobility aids, people with short term injuries, people who are ageing and the list goes on.

For your commercial property, we can assist you to prepare plans and details that will help you meet your statutory responsibilities, or we can have a look over your plans to see where improvements could be made to ensure that you meet your access requirements. Getting it right the first time is what we aim for, rather than you having to change work already undertaken because it wasn’t to the Australian Standard.

For your residential property, the Liveable Housing requirements that are to be introduced into the National Construction Code (NCC) will assist with many aspects of making your home suitable for the changing needs of the occupants. However these are still quite generic.

If you or a family member have a specific need, Geoff can work with you to ensure that your home suits those specific needs, this may include elements from the Australian Standards, or may include specific modifications that will make your life more comfortable.

Items that we consider are not limited to those for mobility related access, and that we also consider; Vision, Hearing, Intellectual, Age and other disabilities. The limitations on ability vary with every individual, and we take a personalised approach to your specific ability levels and needs.